Post #94: Looks Like They Heard Me

Published Stories

fc1_coverWell…so…yeah. You remember how I was griping the other day about rejection and the complex buffet of emotions the up and coming writer must face to overcome, or at least match, its fierce and unrelenting power?

So, I guess the rejection gods heard me. Because I’m to have a story (entitled “Who Has Time for Stars?”) featured in Fogged Clarity this coming month. It’s a new piece that I just started trying to place so it’s nice to have a quick turnaround. I’ll keep you posted and share the link when the story is live. In the meantime, check out FC for yourself. It’s a highly enjoyable Arts Review that publishes great short fiction, poetry, as well as new music and interviews. I’m happy to be part of their stable of stars. And if they don’t have something you can enjoy, immediately place two fingers perpendicular across the meat of your palm and press hard to ensure you have a pulse.

That’s all for now. Sleep tight, campers.

Post #33: Family Breakfast

Published Stories

I have a story entitled “Family Breakfast” up at Splinter Generation that I’m thrilled about.  It’s a story whose tone and flow I’ve been working on a while and much love to Neal Bonser at SG for his sage editorial advice and helping me work the story to its best and truest form.  The story also holds a special place for me because it’s one of the only stories I’ve ever read to an audience.  I read a snippet from it last year in the Blue Parlor at Bread Loaf.  Always a thrill to see one of your children go out in the world and make something of himself.

Post #30: One of the Fighting Fish

Published Stories

I’m thrilled to have a new story up on Monkey Bicycle called “One of the Fighting Fish.”  Many thanks to the editors for giving me the opportunity.   It’s been a nice stretch of publishing for me (Brilliant Corners, Word Riot, Seven Days, and now Monkey Bicycle) and I’m glad to be getting more of my work out there and about the positive reaction it’s been getting.  Thanks to everyone for their support!  Sitting alone in my office with nobody  but the computer for reassurance, it’s nice to know there are readers on the other end.  Cheers!

Post #23: Bloomsbury Heads West

Published Stories

I’m a longtime reader of Seven Days, our local weekly here in Burlington.  It’s the go-to spot for local politics, music, art, food, and occasionally, fiction.  This is all to say that I’m beyond excited to have a short story in this week’s edition.  It’s a story called “Bloomsbury Heads West,” kind of a strange little story, actually, and one that I’ve long been fond of and am glad it’s found a home.   There’s also a great piece of art by Stefan Bumbeck created to accompany the piece.

Special thanks to Margot Harrison and Pamela Polston for selecting the story and sheperding it to publication.

Post #16: Word Riot

New Writing, Published Stories

I have a flash fiction piece in the new issue of Word Riot ( entitled “On Knowing What I’m Doing.”  Many thanks to Kevin O’ Cuinn and Jackie Corley for featuring me along with so many great writers this month.  Special bonus is that you can read or listen to me read the piece.  Though it’s only a minute and a half, I’ll consider this my first audio book.

Post #5: People Done Crazier Things For Love, Ain’t They?

Published Stories

Is the title of a story I wrote which is featured in the current issue of Brilliant Corners (Vol 15, No. 2–summer, 2011).  I’m honored to have been in this one.  With a small, dedicated staff and an editorial board featuring such lightweights as, you know, Gary Giddins and Philip Levine and Yusef Komunyakaa, editor Sascha Feinstein churns out two issues a year of jazz themed writing.  Short Stories.  Poetry.  Essays.  Photographs.  Creative non-fiction.  Reviews.  Interviews.  A few issues back, Stanley Crouch argued in an interview that The Great Gatsby was actually structured to mirror W.C. Handy’s “St. Louis Blues.”  And he’s pretty convincing.

Brilliant Corners is available through the mail, and at some Barnes and Nobles.  Get em while they’re hot.