Post #5: People Done Crazier Things For Love, Ain’t They?

Published Stories

Is the title of a story I wrote which is featured in the current issue of Brilliant Corners (Vol 15, No. 2–summer, 2011).  I’m honored to have been in this one.  With a small, dedicated staff and an editorial board featuring such lightweights as, you know, Gary Giddins and Philip Levine and Yusef Komunyakaa, editor Sascha Feinstein churns out two issues a year of jazz themed writing.  Short Stories.  Poetry.  Essays.  Photographs.  Creative non-fiction.  Reviews.  Interviews.  A few issues back, Stanley Crouch argued in an interview that The Great Gatsby was actually structured to mirror W.C. Handy’s “St. Louis Blues.”  And he’s pretty convincing.

Brilliant Corners is available through the mail, and at some Barnes and Nobles.  Get em while they’re hot.

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