Post #73: Don’t Look Now, But…


the new Stones is actually good. It caught me by surprise on the radio today. “Here’s new music from the Stones” announced the DJ and though I didn’t reach for the dial, my hopes weren’t particularly high. But “Doom and Gloom” is a damn good song. An upbeat syncopated rocker with some very cool breaks and drop outs, edgy lyrics, throaty vocals, vintage Charlie Watts beats, and the chunky rock and roll strumming that Keith Richards obviously plans on doing until they pry the Telecaster out of his cold dead hands.

What inspires you after 50 years in the game? What the hell can these guys have to prove? Nothing, I guess. Only that rock and roll is alive and well, even if it comes with Metamucil and a subscription to AARP. Dig it.

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