Post #70: KG and Karl Rove


Here’s a couple of Slate pieces that caught my eye the past couple of days.

The first, available here, is a tribute to the one and only Kevin Garnett, power forward for the Boston Celtics, physical anomaly, occasionally scary human being, and beacon of warrior passion. This piece complies some of The Big Ticket’s choicest sound bytes, particularly his fondness for and acumen with employing metaphors, at which he is surprisingly adept.

The second, available right here, is a piece about Fox news. Now, loyal readers will know that The Almost Right Words is not a political blog, nor do we often venture into the dark wormhole of political argument and thought; however, we’re going to make an exception today because watching Fox news on Election Night (as we did for some perspective) was one of the scarier and more entertaining (for all the wrong reasons) things we’ve seen in a long ass time. This piece looks through a keyhole at the zealots over in Roger Ailes land and comments on how in their vitriolic crusade to oust Obama and take over the world, they may have done some serious damage to conservative thought and perspective. And to the party they’re trying so hard to protect.

And if you don’t feel moved by that, here’s a clip of  the odd and desperate happenings over at Fox that night to help bring you around.




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