Post #13: Blue Dot

New Writing

Blue Dot is the presumptive title of the Sci-Fi/Horror novel I’ve started for National Novel Writing Month.  As a writer of mostly literary fiction, I decided if I was going to go for broke with nanowrimo and do a novel in a month, I might as well go all out and do something wild, which has me tap dancing in genres that I know nothing about.  I’m having a blast though.  So far flying saucers have appeared over Lake Michigan, a drunken and sexually depraved ex-husband has appeared to complicate matters, and a mother is desperate to get on the road with her nine year old diabetic son before all hell breaks loose.  I can feel some blood is going to be spilled.  Props for the tone and genre are definitely due to Joe Hill, whose novel Horns I’ve been listening to on audiobook for the past month on my walk to and from work.  Horns is an out there genre bending kind of horror novel that I’ve most enjoyed.  Joe Hill is a hell of a writer.  It’s also extremely vulgar but has a very big heart at the center of it, and that juxtaposition is kind of what I’m after with Blue Dot.

More later on why it’s called Blue Dot.  It’ll all make sense.  I swear.

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