Post #83: Kat Edmonson, a worthy infatuation

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Kat Edmonson 0412 CoverI’ve been infatuated the past months with Kat Edmonson and her scrumptious (Yeah, I said scrumptious. Screw you. Listen to it. That’s the right adjective) new album “Way Down Low.” It’s been one of those great can’t-stop-listening to it experiences that comes along a few times a year, when you decide that a certain music is the perfect soundtrack to a wide variety of life moments. Usually, this ends with over listening and burn out. But that comes later. Now, in spite of “Way Down Low’s” sultry splendor, and the general adorableness of Ms. Edmonson herself, it still didn’t seem quite blog post-worthy. That is, until earlier today when I bumped into her performing on Tiny Desk Concerts (accompanied only by acoustic guitar) and fell even further in love. If you don’t know Tiny Desk Concerts, it’s an NPR Music concert series where musicians perform basically in this really small office space for these mini 10-15 minute concerts that are sort of awkward and intimate and wonderful. If you’ve never seen it, it’s one of the coolest and most random things in the world and the kind of gift only the Internet could provide. Enjoy. Then get Kat’s record and tell me scrumptious isn’t the only damn word in the dictionary that will do.