Post #51: The Collagist

New Writing, Things You Should Be Reading

A couple of excellent writers I know, Alan Stewart Carl and Lyz Wyckoff, have short stories up this month at The Collagist.  They’re short, digestible nuggets of fabulous fiction for you to feed your brain with.  Enjoy.

I met both Alan and Liz at last summer’s Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference.  How I wish I was headed back to the mountain this summer.

Post #14: There’s Always Time for Good News

Things You Should Be Reading

This message brought to you by the fact that even though I’m in the throes of writing a novel in a month and barely keeping up, some of my writing friends are publishing amazing work right now, not to mention being nominated for awards.  And there’s always time for good news.

Alan Stewart Carl has a new story on Hobart.  Check it out here:

Alan also received a Pushcart Prize Special Mention for his Mid-American Review story “A People’s History of Martin Zansamere.

In other news, Liz Wyckoff published a great short story in the new Annalemma.  Have a look.