Post #112: If You’re Listening to This

New Writing

I’m delighted–hell, I’m downright plucky–to have a story in the September issue of Fogged Clarity. If you’re playing along at home, you’ll remember that earlier in the summer the fine folks at FC published my short story “Who Has Time for Stars?” and I’m pleased to say they recently accepted my story “If You’re Listening to This,” which is now up at FC as we speak. So hop on over there and read it. I’ll make it easy on you. Click here.

It’s an honor to be included in what looks like to be another dynamite issue and I’m grateful to their executive editor Benjamin Evans for including me.

Post #97: Who Has Time for Stars?

New Writing, Things You Should Be Reading

I have a new short story that’s part of the May/June issue of Fogged Clarity. FC is great and I’m thrilled to be included. They publish fiction, poetry, reviews, and music! I’m listening to “Mountain Sounds,” the album in the new issue, right now and it’s fantastic. I want to also give some love to my dear friends Kara, Stephanie, and Angela who looked at early drafts of this story and helped nudge it along.

Have a peek at the story. Think you’ll like it.

That’s all for today friends.


Post #94: Looks Like They Heard Me

Published Stories

fc1_coverWell…so…yeah. You remember how I was griping the other day about rejection and the complex buffet of emotions the up and coming writer must face to overcome, or at least match, its fierce and unrelenting power?

So, I guess the rejection gods heard me. Because I’m to have a story (entitled “Who Has Time for Stars?”) featured in Fogged Clarity this coming month. It’s a new piece that I just started trying to place so it’s nice to have a quick turnaround. I’ll keep you posted and share the link when the story is live. In the meantime, check out FC for yourself. It’s a highly enjoyable Arts Review that publishes great short fiction, poetry, as well as new music and interviews. I’m happy to be part of their stable of stars. And if they don’t have something you can enjoy, immediately place two fingers perpendicular across the meat of your palm and press hard to ensure you have a pulse.

That’s all for now. Sleep tight, campers.