I am a novelist and short story writer living in Burlington, Vermont.  My short fiction has appeared in Brilliant Corners, Word Riot, Seven Days, Monkey Bicycle, and other fine purveyors of the written word.  When not writing, I teach English, love a phenomenal woman named Shannon, and parent two wily and wonderful sons, Felix and Leo.

My writing goal has been the same for a while now: to support myself with my craft for a year.  I’m not even close.  But I can be awfully stubborn.

6 responses to “About

  1. Love it, BB. Stay stubborn, my man.

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  3. Love your blog! I just read your “Kids VT: On Becoming-And Not Becoming-My Dad. I will have to read more. Super Impressed. – Fellow Lesleyan

  4. gretchen van llnte

    Ben, read your stories in Fogged Clarity. Bravo. I will check out the ones in monkey buckle and word riot.

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